Sunday, 1 March 2020

A Dumb's Story by Sudipta Roy - Review

The book starts with the reader being introduced to Nairit, a protagonist who has been at the hospital in coma. Among severe circumstances, we are informed that cancer has led to the loss of his tongue, therefore, his speech. We are given insight into his character, romantic life, and personal ambitions as the book progresses and one must say that the author is adept at sketching his protagonist in the light of tragedy. Portraying the inner state of the protagonist after the loss of his ability to speak is attained by the usage of first person narrative, as in an inner monologue Nairit yells -

' I can't speak! I can't talk! I can't say any more in my life'

However, tragedy doesn't curb his desire for aiming for something better, something beyond his scope and he is led to believe in his ability to make it in the sphere of politics. He isn't motivated by greed or sheer ability to attract sympathy for his situation, his causes are at the most human and basic level. However, as we connect political figures with great speakers we realise how this ordeal can be a bit of a challenge for someone like Nairit who is dumb.

The problem with the book, although subjective, has to be it's writing style. Somehow I found it unable to convey the events of the plot properly as it juggled between the first and third person narrative- otherwise a brilliant device of narration.  There were parts that just got too tedious to read at a stretch, lacking any arresting turns of phrases or something that would make me read it more attentively. Minor grammatical errors can be excused.

I would commend the authors ability to come up with a unique plot, in a world of repetitive novels. His characterisation abilities are on point, and with some work done on his presentation skills, I can figure Sudipta Roy as a fine author of our times.

Would rate A Dumb's Story 3/5 stars! Click here to buy!

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