Sunday, 29 December 2019

Anita by Renuka Guru | Book on Adoption

"Adopting one child won’t change the world, but for that child, the world will change.”

Anita is a Scottish girl adopted by an Indian couple who have moved to Edinburgh, and Renuka Guru's novel follows the life of a bright young girl , a square peg in a round hole. Charting cultural differences in the course of genuine affection and quest for a sense of belonging, the novel captures a reader with its sweet and intimate writing style.

The first chapter itself captures the Indian tradition of worship and bhajans in a light uplifting mood, and with a character like Katie allows us to view it as an outsider to the culture, full of wonder. We come across childish fancies that we have also had, for example, Anita is confused about the time difference of Bangalore and Edinburgh just as we have been as children, unable to understand how our noon can be someone else's midnight?

The first hint at physical differences as posed against emotional comes where we are given an insight to the time when Anita was about to be adopted, and Hari, the first child of the adoptive parents Gopalan and Ramaa. His father says, speaking about the adoption process, "Let's wait until we confirm it with the officers. They  want her to go to people who look like her." Hari asks- "Because she has golden hair?"

But the family is highly supportive and ensures Anita learns about her own culture as she grows up, and overall the book exudes a warmth, of love and humanity. Highly suggest it for readers, beginners to reading and anyone who is considering the beautiful deed of adoption. Brilliant theme dealt with expertise, click here !


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