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The Conspiracy Unknown : Merging Several Genres

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Contemporary 
Publisher: NotionPress
Book Length: 401
Price: Rs.415

The Conspiracy Unknown is a mixed creation of historic, fantasy and contemporary genres. A back story taking place in the BCE has an unknown connection to the occurrence of events in the present times(ACE). The book is very informative in every aspect as the author has concentrated in describing minutely every small detail, whether it is a character introduction, a war scenario or a mere room in the palace.

Cover: The cover design is quite dark with a crimson tinge and a marching battalion of troops towards a wrecked kingdom. Artillery, swords and spears along with the flag of the empire are being carried by the generals and soldiers, which emanates a very morose vibe of an upcoming event of destruction and loss of lives. The dreamy landscape of the city palace on fire, emanating smoke also symbolises the inevitable consequences of infiltration and destruction during the war. The title of the book, The Conspiracy Unknown is printed in white bold uppercase fonts with a sprinkled "bloody" texture on it, in the top half of the front cover along with a subtitle and the name of the author at the bottom edge of the cover. The back cover consists of the blurb of the book along with the description of the author. The cover design very well complements the plot of the novel. An impeccable visualisation of the ancient warfare brings forth the great march of the climax scene before the final battle, in the novel.

Title: The title is apt to the content of the book and goes in sync with the plot of the novel. "The Conspiracy Unknown" - narrates the story of vengeance of the Annda dynasty over the Moriyan empire. In the Great War, a group of revolutionaries revolted against the Annda dynasty and conquered the throne, saving the commoners from the rule of unjust, cruel King Dhana Annda. The leader of the group of revolutionaries was Ragupta Moriya, who was the disciple of the great teacher Anakya of Taxila. Then, after several eons of conquests, Ragupta made Dhana Annda flee to various provinces of the land of Tsuhindan. It is thus how he took the entire land of Tsuhindan under his shadow except for the far south where three kingdoms, namely 'The Kholas', 'The Yuhandyas' and 'The Kheras' knot up and stayed as independent empires. Later, Ragupta's son Rasabind Moriya descended the throne and everything seemed to be peaceful until the naming ceremony of the third prince, Hisoka by his grandfather, The Great Ragupta himself. Mysterious events happened at the event, which took us back and forth in the timeline, through the conspiracies and unknown intentions of certain group of men who seem to possess the actual power to control others and fulfil their purposes using them. Besides conspiracy by Anga Annda, son of Dhana Annda to get back his dethroned empire we also get acquainted with the internal conspiracies within the Royal Family itself to capture the throne. All the events mentioned above took place in BCE(Before Clearance Era) and in the ACE(After Clearance Era) nearly 2300 eons later, life of Dr. Sebastian Stein was under an unknown threat by a mysterious man in black suit, who claims to work under 'The Organisation', an underlying powerful agency which practically claims to control various political, economic and military aspects of several countries in the present times. An underlying link binds the events of the two eras which is yet to be known.

I noted several errors that often interrupted me, some which are Glitches:

 1. Typo - 'he' instead of 'she' on page 121, eleventh line from the bottom. 
2. Typo - 'from' instead of 'for' on page 151, fourth line from the bottom. 
3. Typo - 'what' instead of 'want' on page 280, thirteenth line from the top. 
4.  Typo - 'scared' instead of 'sacred' on page 304, thirteenth line from the top.
5. Typo - 'third' instead of 'second' on page 323, fifteenth line from the top. 

My Verdict:  The author has created a sphere of virtual reality, where there exists the World of Feower, within which is the Land of Tsuhindan. Not only a new world but a new religious belief called the 'Clearance' has been created which has a close resemblance to 'Christianity' in the real world. New historical characters such as Ragupta Moriya, Anakya, Dhana Annda, Rasabind Moriya, Hisoka, Ander etc. were created which has a close resemblance to our real-life historical characters of Indian History namely Chandragupta Mourya, Chanakya, Dhana Nanda, Bindusara Mourya, Ashoka, Alexander. This anagrammatical approach of naming characters and places is something which I found quite interesting in this book. Even a close relation is there between some sequence of events like revolt and conquests of Ragupta against Dhana Annda with the help of Anakya as a strategist behind it. Besides these known subsidiaries, the author has put magical elements like braincharmers, soul charmers, magicians and scientific elements like particle colliders in this novel which makes it a treat to read.
           An enormous number of characters are there and the reader will find an accurate description of more or less all characters elaborately as mentioned by the author, thus excellent characterization. However, some unnecessary descriptions and details of rooms, palace, cities have been mentioned which makes the book-length to almost four hundred. Freckles of romance in-between times of tension were indeed needed for lighting up the scenes. I really liked the characters of Konsal and Koyal. Their skill of deduction, detection and its demonstration was like a cherry on the cake which made me stick to the book even further. Though the book is a heavy read, its lucid language and intriguing plot makes it difficult for the reader to put it down. It took me five sessions to complete the book. The further one moves into the plot, the more one enjoys it. The culmination of the novel leaves the missing links, through the mysterious boy "Keishab" between the BCE era that now affects the life of Sebastian Stein in the present time(ACE). Kudos the debutant author for such an amazing attempt and I look forward to reading the next part of the book soon. 

Rating : 4* / 5*

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