Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Secret of The Palamu Fort by Razi : A Review

The Secret of The Palamu Fort is a mystery novel of a kind, along the lines of Ray's works. Let's look into the novel that took me back to Feluda, and other icons of sleuths in its pages.

Cover: The cover design is absolutely exquisite. The front cover portrays the valiant warrior 'Satyabhama' whose story is literally the backbone of this novel. The glossy texture of 'Satyabhama' over the graphic background of a battlefield, gives the notion of a mythological element associated with the novel. However, to the surprise of readers, as one goes on they get to know its actually a thriller based with some references, from historical background. The title of the book is printed in glossy white hue at the top edge of the front cover and the name of the author at the bottom edge. The back cover of the book consists of the blurb along with a silhouette of 'Detective Horo', who is the protagonist of the novel.

Title: The title is apt to the content of the book and goes in sync with the plot of the novel. "The Secret of the Palamu Fort", centres around the tale of the hidden 'Elixr of Doisa' and its protector, Satyabhama. It takes us back to the land of Jharkhand, 1650 AD during the reign of the Chero King, Raja Medini Rai and his kingdom. Prosperity was at its peak during his reign, as he was a very kind and generous king. It is under his privilege that Satyabhama became the chief of the military forces during his time, who led him to win several conquests and acquire the 'Elixr of Doisa'. Satyabhama protected the elixr till his last breathe as he promised Raja Medini Rai, from the conspirators within Raja's own court. However, he received a horrible death in return. Since then this folklore began that the 'Elixr of Doisa' was cursed and the ghost of Satyabhama protected it. With this historical plot as the background, a murder takes place in the present timeline, which was stated to be done by the ghost of Satyabhama, as mentioned by the eye-witnesses of the murder. Thus, the thriller began to unwind where Detective Robin Horo investigates about the murder and eventually finds out the conspiracies made in the past and in the present times to unravel "The Secret of the Palamu Fort".

My Verdict: "The Secret of the Palamu Fort" brings forth two plots, in two different timelines, intertwined yet fits so perfectly well to complement each other. Besides the historical intricacies, the character development of Detective Horo and his companions namely Neil Horo and Babulalji have been made with great care which resonates to a great extent with the famous detective stories of "Feluda" by Satyajit Ray. One finds an essence of reincarnation of the character, "Feluda" in "Detective Horo" which makes it all the way more appealing to its readers. I am flattered especially because how well the author has conveyed his story following a similar style of writing as the great Satyajit Ray, yet with a mark of originality in it. Kudos to Razi! The language of the book is lucid and thus accessible to a wide range of readers. The book has every element to make it a complete package. It includes a historic reference, mysterious ghost killer, folklore, deductions by Detective Horo to solve the case, comic relief, adventure, conspiracies, riddle and its solution through mind-boggling interpretations. At the culmination, the reader gets all the missing pieces and answers to the definite questions that arise in the course of reading the book. It is a sure shot page-turner and one who loves thrillers will definitely love it. Simplicity defines beauty. And that's what I felt after completing this book. I loved it!

Rating : 4.5* / 5*

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  1. I have read this book and honestly saying, I want more book by this author unfortunately this is a debut WORK.
    I think this book deserves more audience and reader.

  2. Thank HELLY for such an wonderful review !

  3. Hadd chutiyaap book h ab kabhi free k books nahi loonga