Sunday, 13 October 2019

Primrose's Curse by Kiara Shankar and Vijay Shankar : Review

Primrose's curse is a book written primarily by a little girl- so when you pick this book up it may remind you of your childhood when you read fairy tales, and wished to write one. Kiara Shankar amazes me with her novel, and I find it inspiring that a child is writing so well! Despite being aided in her endeavour by her father, the primary work of the book is by her and I cheer her efforts which are quite successful for her age.

The plot itself reads like an amalgamation of two of my favourite Children's Classics - Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz and I am sure the little author has also read these books.  Primrose Fernetise is a beautiful 12 year old who works tediously to support her family in the absence of her mother. When her father suffers a stroke, she goes out in the quest for a divine flower that will cure his paralysis - and thus begins the magical story with the woodland animals.

Primrose is hardworking, compassionate and brave, but also sarcastic and sceptical at parts which makes her character's traits more convincing. When she engages in the quest to defeat the evil queen of Hellevue Island, I am surprised by how easily the speaking animals convince her. A critical eye would doubt this, but a child might not- which is why I feel the book is more suited for kids.

The following part almost feels like Alice falling into the hole :

"The moment she touched the stem of the flower, her body felt an experience like she was on top of the world filled with overwhelming ecstasy."

And I love the references to Hedwig, Munchkins, etc. The plot lacks originality as it's built on several existing tropes - but it definitely is a perfect version of reimagination and retelling genres.
I can't wait for what Kiara Shankar writes as she Grows up!

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