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The Ryders' Riddance: Samson Ryder #1 : Review

Genre: Crime Thriller 

Publisher: White Falcon Publishing 

Book Length: 383

Price: Rs.399

Cover: The cover design has been made keeping in mind, the content of the book. "The Ryders' Riddance", portrays the story of vengeance of Samson Ryder with a very well framed cinematic plot. The front cover consists of the silhouette of a man within whom we can see a scenery, which embarks the moment when this story began - the night when Ryders' parents got killed. The spurts of blue on the white background of the book is symbolic of the hurt, pain and challenges Samson had gone through in his story. The title of the book is written in bold uppercase fonts in the middle, with a combination of black and white subsequently matching the background cover of the book. The back cover consists of the blurb and information about the author along with his picture.

Title: The title is apt to the content of the book and goes in sync with the plot of the novel. "The Ryders Riddance" truly depicts Samson's motive to get rid of the global terror- Falcon, who ruined his life by killing his parents, when he was a kid. There is a point in the story when Samson only wanted to get out of this game of vengeance, safely with his colleagues namely, Khloe Denver and Panlo Kippins. By this momentary change of intentions, one can clearly sense the grave risk of losing one's life or close ones in this act of hunting the predator aka Falcon. Thus, however it might seem lucrative to read how the protagonist tries and succeeds in his vengeance, on the contrary, it was actually a disastrous phase in Samson's life, which he wanted to elope from. A normal happy life with his family was what Samson always longed for which however he never got because of Falcon and thus "The Ryders Riddance" from his guilt, rage and animosity by the path of vengeance, to take it all from the one who once took it all from him.

My TWO CENTS :  "The Ryders Riddance", is what I say to be a tantalising thriller. With such innovative names of western origin and such diverse characters, the author has truly shown his mastery in imagining, analysing and storytelling. The story begins on a sweet note, celebrating the companionship and bonding between Ryders' parents, Vincent and Pauline when the deadly 'Deathstalker' hit them to their doom. Assassined eighteen years ago, was when the story truly began. It was eighteen years back when Samson lost his parents and started living with their family friends, The  Sebastians. Since then, they had become his family and his father's colleague cum friend, Ulrich Sebastian took great care so that Samson didn't come to know about the assassination, which took away his family. This was a prevalent step at the moment to protect young Samson from the talons of Falcon. After eighteen years when Samson grew into a man and realised how things really were, an undercover agency namely the SIA(secret intelligence agency) offered him with an opportunity to take his vengeance and also do good to this world by preying on the Falcon. Falcon was like an unknown parameter in an equation. Nobody knew whether it was a group or a single person who has become the most untraceable global mafia, whom no global agency had any clue of. They only knew that Falcon existed and thus they said: "The Falcon sees it all, but none see the Falcon." As the story unfolds and the plot takes up its pace. Ryder meeting Khloe and Panlo and getting ready for their mission through learning skills like to withstand grave situations, tactics, coding and armed combat had some vigorous descriptions in the middle of the book. However, sometimes I found it difficult to keep track of the story merely because of its twisted interlinks with its subplots and also quality language. This book is not recommended for readers who are accustomed to a lucid way of writing. Coming back to the story, I just loved the backstory of how 'The Falcon' surfaced and how illicit circumstances and corruption can turn one into a rebel and take justice in one's hands. I felt the story wasn't only about the hardships of Samson Ryder but it was also about Vetero Heracio and his unfathomable journey of transformation into The Falcon. The icing on the cake was the henchmen of Falcon, Alan Myke. His character reminded me of the "Joker" from DC Universe. The madness, brutality and coldness will surely be a treat for every reader who loves to read thrillers.

Overall the book was like a roller coaster ride. The more one gets to the later, the better it gets. I personally found the book a worthy read as it makes its readers visualise the story like a motion picture itself. Kudos to such a creative attempt!

Rating : 4* / 5*

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