Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Technically, I Love You by Piyush Gupta | Book Review

If you like Popular Fiction- if you are the first to buy books of the likes of Ravinder Singh- you might enjoy reading Piyush Gupta's novel, Technically I love you. The plot is a love triangle- and although most authors have a tendency of getting messy and ugly with such plots Gupta is smoother and best at the handling of the plot and it's movement. All chapters are designated properly in time and that allows for the reader to have a better track of events. I was especially impressed by one line of the blurb :

"Love, a four lettered word, present in every dictionary
Heard by everyone, felt by some, faked by many. "

The book also deals in adult content and if you are in for it, grab the book. I highly enjoyed reading about the female characters who are different in their own way and I especially felt that they didn't seem a right fit for the protagonist Ritesh. However, the plot is beyond my scope of critique because well, I can not judge two people in love.

What I had  problem with was the language of the book. The plot deals with some grave scenes and important lessons are learnt by Ritesh in the course of it. However the writing style is way too simple to let the reader sense the paces of different parts. If you have read books like The Notebook or Revolution 2020, you know how the writing style of a novel is key to the reader actually building a relationship and love for the novel-now language acts like a transport from reality to fiction. The transport was not efficient in this case and thanks to bad editing at several places - the novel reads more like a first draft than complete product. Apart from the one line mentioned, I found all good lines too cliche and I felt that I have read something similar sometime or the other.

Pop Fiction lovers will enjoy the book, and new readers might find it interesting. With work on the language, Piyush Gupta may lead the Popular Fiction Genre in India someday and I hope to read better works from the young author. You can grab the book here.