Sunday, 7 July 2019

Magic Required by H. S. Paisley | Fantasy Book Review

"The decided water would be the way I died. But I swam anyways."

The opening lines of the novel were enough to let me know that I had picked up a good read. H S Paisley's Magic Required follows Lochlan Elyll who has visions of deaths which haunt him. I liked three things the most about the book - language, plot and character sketch. The language is typical to most fantasy novels- and manages to instill confidence and assert a strong tone. Any reader will be able to read, relate and take inspiration from several chapters of the book.

Celtic stories and folk tales have always interested me and this novel brings magic to life- in this book Magic is a living entity. In this futuristic novel, the protagonist is a demi God unwilling to come to terms with the past, haunted by nightmares and dilemmas - and it is his flaws that attract me to him. This brings me to the characterisation of the book - within a few chapters you realise that Lochlan's character is very well built-especially because reading about unreal heroes is too cliche and although Lochlan is a brave and strong character- his flaws make him a perfect character.

There are several characters in the novel which add dimension to the plot and I love the fact that the author didn't go all in on just the hero. The author has mingled mythology with contemporary and futuristic themes to create a novel of it's own kind and I would love to read more from her!
Some parts probably could have been more polished - and some themes better dealt with but I liked the majority of the novel! You should totally get this book on Amazon.

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