Friday, 14 June 2019

Seasons by Priyam Acharya : Poetry Collection Review

When I picked up Seasons by Priyam Acharya, I didn't expect much of it. I have picked up modern Indian poetry quite often and mostly have been utterly disappointed. I was almost taken by surprise when I read the first poem - Glass Shields Glass which vividly captures the poet's thoughts as she sits in a cafe, and looks at a glass top shielding hundreds of tiny glasses. The essence of her poems is mostly love and romance, mostly the passion, often the pain it brings for the person concerned. Some of the ideas portrayed in her poems can get repetitive but her writing style makes up for it. If you enjoy reading descriptive and thoughtful poetry with impeccable language, you may find Seasons interesting!

Priyam Acharya is at her best while writing poems of heart break. In one of my personal favourites, she writes :

' I'm a prisoner of our memories.
But do I call this a prison?
I knew not
That a prison could also be a refuge.'

Her poetry is the sort that you would read at 2am at night while thinking about a bad breakup. Her poetry is the sort that acts like a friend's hand on your shoulder after a rough day. It smells of understanding and empathy, something I search for while reading poetry. 

Among the 162 poems, some of her poems also touch on other aspects of human life such as belief, gratitude and power over oneself. I did find a few poems unable to capture the essence of their message due to ineffective wording, but that was a minority in the collection. Also, the concepts in the poem are scattered and I would probably have been happier with a separation of themes. However, overall, Seasons is a book you have to read if you enjoy poetry and poetry collections. If you want to grab this book, click here ! The book would surely entertain beginners and moderate readers :)