Saturday, 23 February 2019

Tick Tock by Rahul Bhandare

Genre: Comic 

Book Length: 27

Price: Rs. 99

Amazon :

Cover: The front cover of the book comprises of animated charcoal sketches of various clock parts that clearly goes with the content of this graphic novel. The classic combination of black and white gives the mere essence of an old school cartoonist, who depicts simple yet meaningful content through the nib of his graphite. The name of the novel finds its place at the upper edge of the book along with the author's name at the lower right-hand corner. The back cover consists of a moral lesson and some comments from the illustrators and the comic artist himself.

Title: The title of the book 'Tick Tock' is in the sink with the feel and message of the graphic novel. This novel basically tells us the story of everyone who is in this struggle of existence, through the symbolic of a mere wristwatch. The extraordinary journey that we all face ultimately leads us to some greater accomplishment in our life at the end. So I feel the tick-tock not only tells us to hold on to what we are doing but also tells fosters the message of "No Pain No Gain" philosophy through this textless piece of beauty.

My Verdict: "Tick-Tock" speaks of the journey of a wristwatch from the point of its formation in a watch factory to it getting sold, transported to different people and finally reaching its fate which signifies the greater purpose of life. This brings back the child in all the adult readers of this graphic novel and gives them a sheer feel of relaxation among the mundane schedules and anxieties of adult life. This graphic novel very subtly speaks the language of life, the good and bad, simple and complicated, however, may be the situation the life just goes on. So its very essential go with the flow of life and go on doing your part of duties and responsibilities and you will finally end up at the place you deserve. This graphic novel has the comic element of its mere sketches in it which will surely make you laugh at times but most importantly it conveys the sensible message of, "What you end up becoming, is something only Time will tell." It was a brisk read and merely takes ten minutes to finish but the values it instils within its readers is definitely one seeks for.

Ratings: 4.0*/5*


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