Saturday, 15 December 2018

Beyond The Bench by Sangeeta Dixit : Book Review

It takes Kabir 14 years to get Maya's number. And when he does, their chats and love begin blooming. Will their course of love be smooth? What obstacles lay their way? To know that you have to read 'Beyond The Bench.'

However, there are a lot of things about this book which made me unable to like it. The chapters lack coherence and I was hoping for improvement as the chapters progressed, but on the contrary they stayed the same, making it a difficult job to enjoy the read. There is a clear lack of twists and originality in the story - it is not new and I can not even start counting how many times I have read stories with a similar premise.

The characterisi And there are so many errors in printing and formatting which marr the whole reading experience. The protagonist is overly cheesy, which is quite unexpected after 14 years! There is a moment when Maya falls down, and I assume all humans have fallen at some point of life! But the protagonist delivers some utterly cheesy dialogues and you wonder if she fell on the ground or into a well. And somehow after this day he felt as if all if him belongs to her or something like that. Honestly, I need a break from this cheesiness!

The only good thing about this book was the diary entries of Kabir, a part I genuinely enjoyed for which I will give this book two star out of five. You can grab the book by clicking here if you want to!


  1. I was wondering what are full names of Kabir and Maya . Just curious .I will be happy if you reply . Just another fan . (^_^)