Thursday, 29 November 2018

The Invincible Weapon by Sowmya Putta : Review

Recently, I have been taking interest in stories from ancient India and mythology- and The Invincible Weapon is a beautiful blend of both. At a perfect length of 250 pages, this book is ideal for any type of reader should they wish to read an entertaining read on a tight schedule. Somehow, this book made me nostalgic about a lot of stuff I had learnt during history classes and the context is pretty new : The plot, quite well thought upon. The title is very relevant to the plot of the story, so is the lovely cover that startles you at a glance. While children and teenagers will enjoy this book immensely, it is not impossible for adults to like it as well!

The plot begins when the sons of the king are summoned by Maharshi Gavistha, a reportedly old rishi who had trained their grandfather. The summonations brings with it an undercurrent of fear, as the prologue trails off and we find Abhi and Kanu in the Gurukul - a new experience for the young princes who have seldom wandered outside palace life. They will be facing enemies who have been attacking Mahadroni, and having the power of being invisible to human eye - their enemies are already way ahead of their capabilities. To counter such an attack, one needs 'The Invincible Weapon'. To know what that is - read this book!

The language is lucid and does not elaborate without purpose. All the characters are well worked upon and do not lack dimension, which is something I appreciate. It is ideal for any age owing to its family friendly concept, and if you want alternatives to usual bedtime stories, this may as well serve the purpose. I only have one complaint against the novel, and that would probably be the climax. For a book so skillfully composed, I failed to enjoy the fate and ending of the novel and probably would have enjoyed something unpredictable. Also, I would demand for more stories within the plot to make it more interesting as a novel. Nevertheless, it makes a great read and I would rate it 3.5 stars out of 5!

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