Thursday, 22 November 2018

Fluid by Ashish Jaiswal : Book Review

As I begin writing this review, my mind wanders off to the days that followed my 10th Board Results. I had decided to take up Science for +2 and wanted to do English honors in future. My logic was simple - English is a common subject for all streams, and science genuinely interested me. But everywhere, everyone was asking me the same question -

'Why take up Science if you want to pursue arts in future?'

I wish I could introduce them to this book. This may be one of the very few non fiction reads that I have loved and enjoyed in the recent past. The concept of fluid is something all of us must be well acquainted with - of not letting ourselves being boxed into certain categories to realise the best of our potentials. The examples put forth in the book are also brilliant and the author has surely spent several years in research for the high value this book provides. I truly felt even more confident about my decisions after this read, because indeed, one can't be boxed into merely three categories.

The biggest takeaway from this book is to remember that one is capable of more than one talent, more than one stream, more than one job - let us not let our spirits be boxed in boxes created by social structures and let it be fluid. The author takes examples from some of the biggest business tycoons, artists and creators of eternity and shows how if they can, so can we! He blends the fictional characters of the real world into this creations and warns us about how much trouble one can get in if one still endorses an anti-fluid mindset.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone or any age - irrespective of what they pursue. This book has value for everyone. Go and buy the book by clicking here ! And huge respect to Sir Ashish Jaiswal for creating this masterpiece.


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