Monday, 29 October 2018

Can a Curse be Broken by True Love ? Read The Tiger King by Rahul Balaji to Know!

"Growing up I always saw myself as the beast,  this aliented person, seeking a way out of his curse."

said the author, when I informed him that I was sensing the motif of beauty and the beast in his book - The Tiger King. A fictionalised account that served as a means to escape from the author's reality - this book is now published and available for purchase and I must say, this is a very new and enthralling novel. If you like good old romance in a brand new pot, buy this book by clicking here.

The curse of a total bloodline, that causes the males of the family to transform into a tiger on the full moon night - can only be overcome with the power of true love. The victim of this 300 year old curse, Vanraj Sisodia, our very cool crown prince who goes to college, is situated pretty well on the modern map. Here he meets the timid yet brave Lasya - a teenage witch during his Psychology classes. Sparks instantly fly, as Lasya comes to an understanding of Vanraj and his life - thanks to her talent of reading people! ( I wish we all had that, would save us from so many bad experiences)

To know about what obstacles come their way ( because so many do!), whether their love is fulfilled, whether Vanraj's curse breaks - you ought to grab the book. And did I mention the lovely writing style and narrative? The language Balaji has used in this book of perfect for readers who like good language and even better for beginners who want to add a lot of words to their vocabulary as they go.

The only think I disliked about this book was some parts where you fail to understand why a character is behaving in a particular manner. A sequel is probably going to justify majority of them, but the end left me a bit shocked.

Overall, I rate this book 4 stars of 5 stars and must admit that this was one of these very rare novels of romance and finding true love motif that I enjoyed.

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