Thursday, 30 August 2018

Chanakya by Ashok K Banker | Book Review

Even if you were found snoring while reading history, there is no way you could have overlooked the role of Chanakya in Chandragupta's reign. Banker's first installment in this trilogy follows the life of the massive personality of Chanakya whose works are of great significance till date and are often taught in higher education.

Commencing in Pataliputra during the reign of Nanda, this book holds together a great deal of history. We find Vishnu Gupta the brightest in his class, and his smartness outsmarts even his seniors. Throughout the book you can find several instances where his wit seldom delineates his character as prudent and arrogant child.

In the very first chapter, he proves his extreme brilliance in class by memorising the whole of the Rig Veda during his vacations. His father later scolds him for showing off, but his mother questions why he shouldn't shine. To this, the father replies -

'... it's not about learning. It's about blending in '

Human psyche has seldom underwent a change and we still are afraid to be round pegs in square holes just as our ancestors were. The characterisation of Vishnu Gupta outshines every other character, certainly in a positive manner. Having read and loved Banker before, I indeed love what and how he writes. My only complaint is that this book is a bit too thin and ends too soon for a reader who was enjoying it.

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I Rate Chanakya 4/5 Stars.