Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Books That YOU MUST GIFT Your Sister This Rakhi

Hey guys, Rakshabandhan is here and if you are clueless about what is the perfect gift for your sister, I've got your back! Here are recommendations for all ages and all types of sisters. I have chosen books with easier language in most cases, hence I hope it helps you even if your sister isn't an avid reader.

1) Noddy Books

This is for all young kids who can't delve into deeper stories, as I was a child who grew up reading the adventures of Noddy, a drive who drove through a quaint old town in a yellow car. This is a book you can gift any sister on rakhi because it is so fun and easy!

Age - 3+

Buy Here.

2) Like A Girl

Every girl must be reading this amazing book, a magnificent collection of the lives and tales of 51 women who were unstoppable. The illustrations make this book even more attractive and can be read even by kids. Not only is it inspirational, but also a great way to make your sister feel proud about woman hood. This Rakhi, remind your sister how she is her own protector with this wonderful book.

Age - 7+

Buy Here.

3) Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Not only are the books of this series very entertaining and funny, they also provide some lessons in a very subtle way. There are some chapters with Romance, however it is extremely subtle. If you are planning splurge, you can even get her the whole box set!

Age - 10+

Buy here.

4) Sherlock Holmes

Detectives have always intrigued the intelligence of women and I can't help but ask you to make her read Holmes when she is in her teenages. It immensely encourages her reasoning skills and makes sure that she doesn't day-dream after reading fluffy romances ! However, this book is a bit difficult in language, so if you are gifting this to your sister make sure she reads books.

Age - 13+

Buy here.

5) Ruskin Bond's Books

The Ultimate Gift for anyone - Give them any or many Ruskin Bond books! Good language, enchanting stories and an everlasting effect that lingers long after the story is over.

Age- 13+

Buy here.

I hope this article helps and if it does, mark it 'interesting' ! Leave your queries in the comments below!


  1. My Brother is 19 years old. He is always busy in watching Hollywood movies. He is Big fan of MARVEL & DC stuff & also Harry Potter. Please suggest books for him.

  2. Thrillers would be good. Go for Dan Brown's books. He writes full hollywood stuff, and the wrting is also plain and simple. (P.S. I don't exactly like his writing style, but he is a master at creating cliff-hangers and plot twists)

  3. Thnx helly.����

  4. Thanks Saheli! Really nice recommendations :)