Friday, 27 July 2018

The Skylark's War by Hilary McKay : ARC Review

'Clarry was 3 days old when her mother died.'

The Skylarks' War is a poignant narrative following the lives of Clarissa ( Clarry), her brother Peter and cousin Rupert. Growing up at a time when the world outside was amidst turmoil, the three and their friends build happy memories together that are at stake during the world war. The 'pity of war' that Owen once wrote about has been brought out once again from the perspective of a kids growing into adults. Although the book does get a bit draggy owing to the monotonous writing style, the plot has been executed brilliantly.

Hilary McKay lists a long bibliography and the book is pretty well researched as well, which is a plus point for any book that is set against the backdrop of the world war. I have been reading War Poets like Owen, Sassoon and Rosenberg lately and this book was indeed a great way to share an alternate perspective.

The title will be released about 20th September, and you may want to look out for it!

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