Friday, 20 July 2018

Gifts For The Bookworms In Your Life!

We all know some bookworms and some of us identify ourselves with being one! Gifting a book never gets old, but what if you want to grab something different that will equally excite a bookworm? Here are my picks! -

1) House T-shirts

Rarely do we find a bookworm who doesn't like Harry Potter and you can never go wrong with a house T-shirt. Make sure you are buying the right shirt however, else expect an Avada Kedavra spell from your beloved bookworm!

Buy here -

2) Bookish Tote Bags

Let's accept it - we are always carrying too many books and a tote bag can never be big enough for everything we want to carry!

Buy here -

3) Coffee Mugs

Whether you are a tea or coffee person, a mug that asserts your addiction to books is absolutely necessary

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4) Notebooks

Bookworms are full of thoughts and a notebook to jot them down as they come will be quite helpful!

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5) Bookmarks

We are in constant need of them and a pack of 30 bookmarks may be just enough! However, metal bookmarks are also in trend right now and you may give it a go.

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6) Book Lamps

On a pricier end but this book lamp is probably the ultimate desire of a bookworm who reads at night!

7) Book Ends 

Because we all need saviours for our collapsing books!

8) Game of Thrones Clock

Make your place in the heart and the home of a GoT fan with this fantastic clock !

9) Book Shelves

Too many books? Never an issue!
We can always do with some more bookshelves !

10) Fragrant candles

Reading a book while the room smells of fruity and tropical fragrances is synonymous with luxury for us bookworms!

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Which was your favorite bookish product? Comment below!

P.S: If any friend of mine notices this article, I hope you are considering a gift for me!😂

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