Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Mumbai Blues by Adithya Bharadwaj

Bhardwaj in his latest book The Mumbai Blues carefully draws two parallel worlds that intersect at a juncture, in a city where everyone migrates to chase their dreams.


The Story begins on a morning like any other in Karthik's life. We meet his friends Ravi and Faisal, a mildly strict Head and a college life that we all are afraid yet eager to face. Next we have Chandu who is struggling in the city owing to his poor background and he is probably the most well developed character in the book.
As the story progresses, Karthik's personality dips into lows whereas Chandu keeps soaring. Where do they collide? Are they related in any manner? To know that you must read the book.

My Review

The issues you come across in the book are serious issues of our contemporary times, the most important being the pulling in of the youth into addictions. It is a never ending debate about what is right or wrong about drugs, but one thing can not be doubted - It takes away your mental capacity. I love how Chandu's character is contrasted against Karthik's throughout the book and the inspirational ending of the book that pleased me. Bhardwaj knows how to write a narrative and hence the flow is smooth, with alternating chapters from the lives of our protagonists. The author must also be praised for doing his research before writing, especially because he writes about several important issues. For example - Youtube - and had there been any flaw in it I would have severely criticised it.
However, something that did not work out for me was the sort of disjointed, unnecessarily elaborated first 50-60 pages. I also felt that the language and style needs much more improvisation to pull a reader into the world of the book.
I recommend this book highly if you are someone of this young reckless generation so that you can open your eyes to bitter realities - that may not be as harsh as you think :)
I Rate it 3.5*/5*. Grab the book here !

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