Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Review Policy

If you are keen on getting my review for your book, I suggest you note that -

1) My reviews are honest and I believe in constructive criticism. I will mention the good things about your book, but I will also point out the shortcomings. I won't roast a book without any reason, but I would also not change my opinion, review or rating once it is posted.

2)  How I Rate Books

1 star - The book is totally not worth it and quite forgettable and unnecessary.

2 stars - If the plot is good but everything else is not worth it, inclusive of grammar, narration, etc.

3 stars - If everything is good apart from editing, but the story has huge scopes of improvisation.

4 stars - If I rate your book 4 stars, it has the potential of being an Indian Bestseller.

5 stars - I'll carry your book in my heart forever.

3) I try not to delay my reviews over 2 months. Normally, it takes me four weeks to read a book and write the review. I hope you understand that haste destroys quality of a review.

4) My reviews range from 300-1000 words, let me know if you have any word limit for me.

5) I prefer paperbacks over ebooks.

6) For requesting a review you can mail me at .

7) I charge for my reviews and you can know further details upon query.

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