Tuesday, 19 June 2018

My Mute Girlfriend by Himanshu Rai - Book Review

What if your girlfriend, all of a sudden stops talking to you? Not for days or weeks - for YEARS.

I know the time-to-time 'maun vrats' are common when you piss off a girl, but what if nothing of great magnitude had actually happened? You will be devastated, I bet, and so was Rohan when Vaidehi suddenly went MUTE. While the title of Rai's novel gives you the deceptive idea that she must be dumb or deaf, the contents lead somewhere entirely different.

The plot concerns their platonic romance with a major twist in the end and I must say it made me really emotional throughout- except the end. It was quite unnecessary and predictable, however, in case you read books for sheer pleasure you will like it.

Sometimes I felt like Vaidehi was a little bit extra, because, come on - you love this guy! You know he loves you! Why don't you just speak up? Even then I must restrain myself because I have no idea what Vaidehi was going through. Rohan's consistently pursuing her made me impressed as we rarely get to see pure love in this era and the decisions Rohan takes are often absurd- but full of his emotions for Vaidehi.

Rai writes in a frank and informal tone, and he indeed makes the reader feel like a friend he knows for a long time. I especially recommend him for people who have just started or want to read books because it is easy, has a story, and above all - is very enjoyable. While I did spot a few grammatical errors here and there, it was nothing to hinder my experience of reading.

If you want to grab a copy, click My Mute Girlfriend .

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