Wednesday, 27 June 2018

My Father Drank my Lover by Ashok Banker : Book Review

Did the title make you uneasy? If it did, you are ready to read this work of brilliance.

I was quite disturbed by the idea that Banker's book had something in it that was highly unusual. After struggling for several days to find a word for his narrative structure, I settled for the fact that it is a union between the myths and the realities concerning life that are conveyed in complex yet fanciful texts. This collection of short stories has been unlike any other, owing to the fact that I couldn't read more than one per day. And I used to gulp down 4 whole books a day once upon a time.

The reason is this - his stories make you ponder over the end, the characters, their emotions leave remnants on your mind. So the next time you are brushing your teeth, all you think about is how hurt someone can be to kill and resurrect their lover time and again! Parts of it don't make sense, but those are my favourite. After all, didn't you hear them say -

' L'art pour l'art'

And in truth, Banker's prose is a work of art and each story is brilliant and vibrant in it's own way. After a long time I come across so brilliant a collection, and you can get it too, by clicking here !


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  2. Very nice story. Each and every story that leaves an unforgettable impression on the readers mind. It is interesting to see how beautifully the author has placed along with words and perfect page turner.