Sunday, 3 June 2018

Made of Stardust by Arun Kumar : Book Review

In Made of Stardust, the author makes us acquainted with Elene, Mithila, Ramesh and Anuj. While each of them come from different walks of like with no similitude in their characters, one event connects them all.

The 26/11 Terrorist attack.

While Arun Kumar has a strong hold on the plot and the flow of the story, I felt that the concept that he chose should have made the reader a bit more sentimental than it did. The characters are realistic and you see a development in all of them in the course of the story, as they grow more mature. The language is intricate in some parts, but mostly easy to comprehend.

What didnt work for me was the very poor editing of the manuscript and grammatical errors that could be either the problem while printing it or the author's own fault. While it may not meet the eye of a non- regular reader, a reader in general may find it irksome.

Overall, I feel any beginner or a person looking for light and quick reads definitely would love Made of Stardust. I rate the book 3 stars and hope for improvement in the manuscript in future.

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