Monday, 18 June 2018

Interview with Anchal Rana Aggarwal

Author of The Lost Daughter, Anchal Rana Aggarwal sat with us for a candid session, speaking of her book and the (un)safe condition of Indian Women :

1) How is your thinking process to create a plot for your novel?

I never fully plan a plot. It’s just an idea that comes across my mind and then I begin with my work. When I am writing it is the brain which works and my thoughts are created into words. 

2) Is there a specific time or period when you like to write?

I always write when I feel like. I had never chosen a specific time to write down... My mind does not just work then. I guess if I will take writing as a task then it won’t just work. You should write when you feel like. I wrote The Lost Daughter while I was pregnant and had to take a break from my dental practice for sometime. It was then when I started working on it.

3) The Lost Daughter deals with a very gory concept of rape - did you anyhow feel uncomfortable while writing it?

 If you will read the story you will find that more than rape what is more traumatic for the daughter is that she has lost her memory. She doesnot remember the gruesome incident. The story is about hope, not losing it no matter what comes.
These days it is easy for us to say this word Rape but for the one who suffers it is hard to even describe how their lives change. This makes me uncomfortable.

4) Who has been an influence/ inspiration for your novel?

Whenever we turn on the news channel these days there is not even a single day when we don’t come across an incident of Rape. This is a sad and harsh reality of today’s world. I have come across people who have this in mind that okay we hear about them, this can’t happen just like with anyone. To break this ice I chose a powerful character of an ACP who’s daughter is attacked. Someone as powerful as an ACP. This can happen with anyone. We can’t be just insensitive about it as a women.  


5) How long did it take for the manuscript to be completed?

 I wrote this book while is was expecting my baby. I wrote it within 6 months time. The connection, the feelings, the bond which a mother shares with her child poured straight from my heart.

6) Since you write that you were expecting a child while writing this book, did the writing experience feel more special?

Yes, it felt more special. I felt more connected to my child as well as to the storyline.

7) What are your views on the safety of women in India?

Women are not safe in our country. Every single day there is a news of gruesome incident taking place. What I feel is that there is never any discussion happening regarding why are these incidents happening? What is the psychology of the rapists? There is always a beneficiary politics taking place which is a shame on all of us as a citizen of our country.
Once this blame game will end we will rise above humanity.
I feel it is very important how we raise our sons and daughters within the confines of our house, how a father treats a mother in front of his son. 
Gender equality begins at home. We are a part of a society and it will bring a big change once we begin this change at our home. 

8) How did your family members react when they read or came to know of your novel? Were they encouraging?

This is my second novel first being a short metro read - Hitched for life. I wrote it after my marriage. It was my husband who actually pushed me to write down. I used to write short stories when I was a kid but never thought of writing a novel. I guess my husband saw this talent and pushed me to write. He has been my pillar of support throughout. I am grateful to him. My rest of the family members were also very encouraging, have always been.

9) I read that you love travelling. Any incidents from travelling that you want to share with our readers?

There is no specific incident that I can recall but yes since I live in Delhi I crave for nature, picturesque destinations to detox myself. Out of all the most picturesque view that I remember is that in Mauritius. We reached at our resort at night and just couldn’t see any view. When I woke up and pulled off the curtains of our room balcony early morning, my jaw dropped on seeing a beautiful lush green lawns with trees surrounded by sand and beach with the tip of the Sun rising from the Ocean. Ahh! Heaven it was. I still miss that sight. 

The Second one is when I swam with Dolphins in Dubai. I always had this childhood dream to see and touch a Dolphin. I guess God listened and I got to kiss one. That was a dream come true, will always be cherished throughout my life.

10) Wow that sounds wonderful! So what are your plans for the future?

 I never plan anything. I never planned writing a book too. It just happened. I don’t know if I’ll write my third one or not. I have not thought about it yet. Right now I am enjoying my motherhood but yes I would like to start off with something new apart from my ongoing clinic, something related to creativity.

You can grab her book The Lost Daughter here !

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