Monday, 4 June 2018

An Interview with Himanshu Rai

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking to Himanshu Rai, author of three books, on his latest release My Mute Girlfriend. Here is how it went!

1) So when did it dawn upon you that you wanted to write?

A. Writing is my hobby and I used to write since childhood. Its only two years back, when I approached a publisher listening to my wife. Hope I would have done it long back.

2) How did you balance work/study to manage to take out some time for writing? Mind sharing the schedule?

A. My whole schedule is very busy and hardly do I get time to write. For me nights are mine and I complete my story at nights.

3) Getting published today is no  mean feat. Share a little about your publishing journey?

A. Getting published by Srishti is a dream come true. I wrote this story My Mute Girlfriend based on the real event and did submission as per process given on their website. To my luck, I received a response and today book is doing very good.

4) Who is/ are your target audience?

A. Everyone who had ever loved or in love is my target audience.

5) How did you come up with the idea for your latest book?

A. Story of My Mute Girlfriend is from my college days. Most of the characters and locations are real. Last year I visited Jabalpur and felt nostalgic reaching to the place from where I completed my college. Story evolved from there.


 6) You say that your wife encouraged you to write, how does she like what you write? Is she your first critic?

A. Yes, she is my first critic. Whatever I write, she is the first to listen from me. She never reads but makes me narrate every day what I write. She guides me if my story is going wrong and for other stuff.

7) I have been reading The Mute Girlfriend, and it does get very emotional. Did you, anywhere, become emotional while writing it too?

A. I am a very emotional person; I can even cry watching a comedy movie. My wife and son keep looking at me during movies, as I can start crying anytime. I cried every time I read My Mute Girlfriend, even at the time of editing.

8) What are some of your favorite books and authors?

A. Not anyone in particular but I read whatever attracts me.

9) If you could tell your younger self-anything, what would it be?

A. Live your dream and love what you do.

10) Lastly, how do you plan on keeping writing and improving in the future?

A. Writing is my hobby, and I cannot stop that. Once I was telling the wife, that when I grow old, I would never get bored as I would have so many stories to tell.

And we as readers sure want to hear his stories. Grab  My Mute Girlfriend by clicking here.

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