Monday, 11 June 2018

A Quest for Spring by Monica Mujumdar Dixit : Helly's Review

The oft quoted line -

" If winter comes, can spring be far behind?"

seems to be the driving force of Dixit's latest release : A Quest for Spring. The story centers around Raehan and Amolika who bump into each other during their college days. Needless to springs, love springs up like roses, however, it does come with its thorns. But scarcely is life easy, and we find the young lovers apart owing to their respective circumstances that force them to bid farewell to all the new emotions.

16 years fast forward and now they are in completely different situations, however, if something hasn't particularly changed it is their feelings for each other.


Amolika's character, no doubt, is the best etched of all. However, I would probably not be very wrong if I said that Rohan is the most interesting element of the story. While Amolika mostly leaves you bewildered at her decisions, sometimes too rushed but never wrong ; Raehan captures your heart with his sweet attitude towards his loved ones. He has attained the position of a perfect and ideal man anyone can ask for and hence he is my favourite character.

Both Raehan and Amolika have been married once before they meet again, hence their second meet needed a little bit more of detailing that brought about the changes much more clearly. That is probably one of the very few things that can be improvised upon.

Style and Vocabulary

Dixit's style is moderately descriptive, but mostly conversational which makes it a fast paced read. At almost 400 pages, and its quite large size, I do think some 50-100 pages could have been cut down without affecting the plot itself. The vocab is remarkable and brilliant, a little bit difficult for everyone to gulp down maybe because sometimes it seems more pretentious than original. Unnecessary complications of language seldom adds to the richness of a work.

But.....I am annoyed with the publisher!

They have carelessly published the manuscript without checking what was printed, pg 277 coveringit , question mark missing on  page 341, and several such minor mistake which overall decrease the book's appeal.

Such minor faults, however can be overlooked if you go for the story itself and decide to grab the book here .

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