Friday, 4 May 2018

Smart Guide for Awesome Memory by Shireen Stephen : Book Review

Smart Guide for Awesome Memory is the book every student must have! I wish I had read this while I was in school, however, better late than never. As soon as I got my copy, I flipped to the chapter where I could learn how to apply memory techniques in academics. I would be wrong if I said all of them are brilliant, some of them do sound too complicated to apply despite the explanations, but most of them are easily applicable.

There are 11 chapters, segregated properly to assert which topic each deals with and I am pretty sure you will find it helpful no matter in which phase of life you are in right now! My Favourite chapter was 50 Memory Tips as it was short and concise and gave me exactly every information I was looking for. If you want to have an awesome memory, you can try out the following :

1) Training your non-dominant hand. It improves brain function.

I have been trying this for a while and have had a positive experience, I can work longer and harder now, because slowly working with the left hand became easier.

2) Learning a new musical instrument.

I am learning the guitar, and I have learnt a couple of Basic songs and chords. Not only an entertaining exercises, but something you can flaunt too!

3) Chewing gum while reading.

I love to chew gum ever since I got acquainted with it, but I never chewed while studying. Looks like I must start doing it soon too!

To know hundreds more of methods to improve your memory, grab a copy here.

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