Thursday, 31 May 2018

Obsessed by Ruchi Kokcha ~ Book Review

Gone are the days when "perfection" was the term you associated with protagonists of a novel. Ruchi Kokcha's Obsessed thrives on the madness that inhabits the human mind, that we try to suppress everyday in order to lead a socially acceptable lifestyle. However, not everyone can possibly control what goes inside one's mind and nor do the characters of our novel.

"What one sees in the world outside is often a reflection of the internal landscape of one's mind," writes Kokcha, on which she elaborates across the story. Investigating the case of the murder of millionaire Kalki Rajput, we have our far from perfect, somewhat despicable protagonist Avik. However, he loses his gravity the moment you have Ananki Rajput, the victim's daughter enter the scene. She is reportedly mentally unwell, however, sometimes I ironically felt that she made more sense than most others in the novel.

We go through her diary, which are my favourite parts of the book. I was sort of getting disappointed with the monotonous narration but the diary excerpts came as a fresh air - to drive me more crazy about the novel.

Dark and gripping and disturbingly satisfying, the only fact I didn't like was the lack of a major twist in the end. The twist came out to be a bit too obvious for a psychotic triller digger. However it was a delightful read and I rate it 4 stars. Grab it
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