Saturday, 26 May 2018

Love Trumps All by Sudarshan Mahabal : Book Review

When I began readin Love Trumps All, I was quite sceptical about where the plot will lead to. I was also intimidated, as due to the fact that my whole life I had never wondered what Y2K means.

Oh, nor do you?

Google says : Y2K is an abbreviation for "year 2000." As that year approached, many feared that computer programs storing year values as two-digit figures (such as 99) would cause problems. Many programs written years ago (when storage limitations encouraged such information economies) are still being used.

Yeah, a simple abbreviation for Year 2000. What a new discovery :P Also, do you notice the title? The author is Trump-hant in making me giggle the moment I read it.

Anyway, coming back, the plot concerns Anant alongside Sameera at its core, and Chris and Amy act like sidekicks, still having a grip over the story . We also have Madhura, Anant's nationalistic ex who, I somewhat found weird and extreme. You must discern from the facts stated above that the plot does have quite a few characters, however, the author does justice by not overdoing it. The characters drI've the plot, and are quite relatable, since all of us hope for a better lifestyle and it is implied that the states are the destination ever since we are kids.

Often the journey is better than the destination, and this realisation dawns upon our protagonist once his pursuit of his dream is over and he is settled in California : after achieving it . The confict in his heart was well presented and must be an eye opener for many, in my opinion, who have similar dreams to chase.

What I didn't like, however, is the lack of memorable or impactful lines. Even though Mahabal has his own command over the language, the thickness of the book cant be justified once you get into it. Therefore, the book feels draggy at times and is prone to be DNFed.

If you are looking for a read that gives you a peep into the lives of Indians Abroad, the daily struggles and achievements of such people : Love Trumps All! is a good choice for you. I rate it 3.5*/5.🎂

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