Tuesday, 15 May 2018

And So Can You by Roopleen Kaur : Book Review

Being a Doctor puts on your shoulders gigantic expectations and responsibilities, which by far you must have understood.

Roopleen Kaur's book And So Can You is a collection of tales of 17 medical professionals that they have countered in their journey. With a vast range of themes joined by the same string of profession, this book is surely a recommended read for followers of the medical field.

Each story is beautifully narrated and I could relate even though I am not in the same field, but I do know people who are, people who want to and thus I feel they may find it quite helpful. I loved so many of the stories, including the one of Barnali Das, who decided to become a doctor because the doctors misdiagnosed her to be stillborn. A classic example of if you don't like something, change it yourself. Even though her part was not as interesting a tale as some others who faced much more struggle, this was an interesting idea.

From all the stories we can derive one important lesson : there is no alternative to hard work. Be it how Dr. Vidushi Sharma set up her own clinic or Dr. Muralidhar V Pai fought financial struggles, each have a story of their own that goes beyond the lines. One can only imagine how tedious the whole journey must have been.

 My favorite part happened to be the advices to Young Doctors, which has influential advices like :

"Empower yourself by acquiring knowledge, skill and technical know-how"

Which can be universally applied. Even words of wisdom are inspirational, motivating the reader to keep striving despite obstacles. Although, after a few chapters, the advices do get repetitive, perhaps natural because not everyone may have new tips, but it's okay because they are going to prove insightful in the long run.

I rate the book 4 stars, and if the medical profession interests you, grab the book here .

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