Monday, 9 April 2018

Why Black Beauty by Anna Sewell is Special For Me....

Did you know that Black Beauty was the book that got me into reading?

It was the very firstbook I had read in class 5 and had I not read it, I must have taken longer time to realise how beautiful books are. So what was in this book that made a 10 year old fall in love with books? Emotions. Pure and unadulterated feelings that are aroused in the heart of everyone, especially animal lovers like me.
Also, I love the beautiful cover of Rupa Publications that aptly portrays the horse as it has been represented in the book.
The novel is an autobiography of the horse Black Beauty and never has any narrative left as deep an impression on me as this. You get an idea about the cruelties the horses and all animals in general face and honestly, after reading this book I hope you won't go for horseback rides on beaches anymore.

It's very important that we understand the lesson imparted in this masterpiece of a book, a must read for all, children and adult alike.

Make sure you grab a copy of Black Beauty

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