Monday, 9 April 2018

The Surrogate Lies by Shantanu Munshi : Book Review

What drew me to The Surrogate Lies was the uncanny blurb that had me hooked due to a mysterious tone to it. I was also wondering under what circumstances can four people of such diverse qualities come together? Well, apparently they are off to Gir Forest in Gujarat.

The Diversity in the characters is brought out quite well and so is their background. A writer speaks like one and a driver speaks like one, and hence the characters are realistic and acceptable. The concept itself and the titles of the chapters are unique and I think there are several inputs Munshi has to offer the writing industry. The plot is basically a treat if you like reading about adventures and overcoming obstacles on the way of it. The writing style is mostly lucid and I am fond of such a style.

However, the humour in the book seldom catches my attention or makes me laugh. It looks like an attempt at humour, but a failed one. Also, I mentioned that the writing style is MOSTLY lucid. However, it comes out as weird several times. Especially in lines like :

"Drop of blood...puddle on my nose" (page 2)

He looked like a giraffe masquerading as an eagle (like what??) ( Page 124)

Sometimes the lines come out too cringey!

I would suggest the author to read more books in his genre and improvise on the weaknesses to create even better books in future!

I Rate The Surrogate Lies 3.5*/5*.

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