Thursday, 12 April 2018

The Story of a Long Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar : Book Review

The Story of A Long Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar is a take at romance in an unconditional manner. In an unconventional manner. Since ages marriages have been keeping two people together, physically if not emotionally.

 Lets first admire the intricate details that make this cover an absolute delight, two house coats, a distance between them which is symbolic of the distance in a marriage perhaps. The spine holds two elbows intertwined, just as the togetherness of a marriage acts as a spine for the relationship as well. Has any cover ever come so close to the content of it's novel?

Inamdar's writing style is another treat, with well defined chapters and endings that hook you to the next chapter, he surely has some skills that any writer must surely have. It is neither naive nor pretentious and successfully captures the reader's attention without trying hard. A frank and informal writing style is probably my favourite.

The story unfolds when Ira, the female protagonist moves to London for pursuing higher education, a year after her marriage with Rohan. I applaud the author for creating a male protagonist who expresses his emotions unashamed of what people say. When I read the first few chapters, Rohan seemed much more emotional than Ira, which is a rarity! Most authors would rather sketch the woman as an emotional wreck. Equality, at its best.

However it is revealed that studies were not the real reason for Ira's depart. The real reason, though not earth-shattering, is quite unexpected. We see the relationship from both the perspectives and it seems more real than ever when both fight yet struggle to stay together. But can they bear a long distance marriage?

To know that you have to grab the book here  !


  1. tell us the real reason pleeeaseeeeee...i dnt mind spoilers

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