Monday, 9 April 2018

Goodbye Perfect by Sara Barnard : Book Review

Today, I finished reading my very first Sara Barnard book and to be honest, I had probably picked it up with much more high expectations. Although I didn't enjoy the book till the end, there were several reasons why I do not regret picking the book up. Infact, if you like light yet emotional reads, make sure you grab Goodbye, Perfect.

Firstly, Barnard's Frank and effortless writing style makes it so simple to keep turning the pages without any frustration. Honestly, nothing major happens in the book except in the beginning and the ending chapters, and the middle part just seems to act as a filler. 15 year old Eden is inflicted upon with a moral dilemma when her best friend Bonnie runs away with her music teacher who is 30! Personally, it made me very uncomfortable. It frustrated me how Eden's loyalty in friendship surpassed her conscience at times and how she kept on concealing information from Bonnie's parents who were worried like hell.  WHO DOES THAT? Anyway, moving on, I also loved how Barnard sketched the tale from the POV of Eden and not Bonnie, who was apparently the most "in action" character"

Also, brownie points for such pages in the book :

Also, though I must admit I wasn't happy with the end, somewhere I also know that it can't be untrue. Also, friendships are no wonder much more complicated than all other relationships and Barnard captures the complexities way too well!

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