Friday, 9 March 2018

Nautanki Diaries by Dominic Franks : Book Review

Dear Reader,

The reason why I picked up Nautanki diaries was-

a) The Pretty cover that'd blow any one away
b) The unbelievable blurb

a 22 day journey from Bengaluru to New Delhi doesn's seem to be a very possible feat, even on a cycle. However, the uncanny and unusual blurb has been kept up with throughout the book, as we embark upon our journey to read the author's experience as he climbed up and geared up for his journey on this bicycle named Nautanki! Sounds quite dramatic right?

The writing style is elaborate and articulate and Franks sure knows his way with words. Seldom do I find Non Fictions entertaining, hence I really appreciate that he made an effort to make it more appealing. A Light read with a bit of comic relief here and there as an adamant boy travels down to the 2010 Commonwealth Opening Ceremony is bound to make you smile. However, I did feel that the events take a turn towards being boring and do not live up to my expectations after mid-way.
I rate this book 3.5 stars and I do feel it should be grabbed by readers looking for light and fun reads! :* grab a copy here .

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