Monday, 12 March 2018

How will I meet your Father?

As Ted takes Victoria's hand in his and they prepare for a last dance, Michael Buble sings :

"No you don't know the one,
Who dreams of you at night...."

And something inside me snaps. My heart crumples at the thought - Does anyone even know me? Or rather, understand my personal feelings?

I am this girl with a dream of having 5 dogs like Robin, A family like Lily and Marshall, to be a hopeless romantic like Ted and yet manage Barney's cool attitude :) I do not believe in marriage at all and do have second thoughts about ever having children. You see I have been with this guy for about 4 years now and honestly, I don't know how to let him know that it's probably never gonna work out. I think I am out of love. And I wrote it here because no one sees this blog. lol

It's ironical how I titled the article, cause probably I'll neither have children nor a husband to father them. But for now I want to lie back, take a sip of my favourite drink and enjoy how the songs of this amazing show called How I Met Your Mother makes me feel.

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  1. Being with someone for 4 years really takes a lot of effort.. :)