Friday, 9 March 2018

Gurgaon Diaries Became My Favourite With The Level of Relatability!

Dear Reader,

I remember my first and only visit to Gurgaon. On our trip to Delhi last year we went to DLF Mall in Gurgaon. When I began searching for food, I found nothing that will quench my hunger under Rs. 500. For an 18 year old from Kolkata who has never spent more than Rs. 100 at a restaurant, who earns her living by part time working at 2 different jobs, that was a big deal. Eventually I settled for Tea at Rs. 170 ( in Kolkata tea costs 5rs per small cup) and marked Gurgaon as "EXPENSIVE". A day for me in Gurgaon increased my BP,, I couldn't help but wonder how the author, who herself is a Bengali was holding up for 2 decades  in Gurgaon! However in Debeshi Gooptu's book I found so many shades of Gurgaon, that if I ever happen to be to Gurgaon anytime soon, I will look out for them.

First of all, this is the very first book in Indian Literature which delighted me only with its comic and witty and seldom sarcastic writing style! All the while I read the book I just couldn't stop updating my social media with all the laughs I had! Gurgaon Diaries is a collection of little shorts of Gooptu's life in Gurgaon, but I related to it on an entirely different level being Bengali. There are continuous reference to Bengali's living outside Bengal and their daily struggles, beginning from their festivals to fish preference. Gooptu's book captures the small moments of life and magnifies them to a larger scale. It surprises me how beautiful the stories are, some dealing with little events of life like crowded lines at the superstore, to the little uncomfortabilities (that's not even a word) created by tiny creatures like Wasps ; to grave issues like the unsafe condition of the country even for little girls and the struggles of a woman who works from home.
Debeshi, take my bow! Your book has entered my list of Favourite Books of 2018. And I bet, dear reader, it will be yours too. Why don't you grab a copy here ?

 There are about 60 entries in the Gurgaon Diaries, of which I haven't read about 10. Why, you may ask? I can't bear to know that I have finished reading this amazing book that I love so much and I cant return to it for something new. I sincerely hope the author comes out with another book ASAP. Guess who will be pre-ordering it?



  1. Such a spectacular and wonderful review it is Helly! Would love to grab a copy for myself!! Thanks..

  2. Oh my gosh I love love love this new style of writing ����

    1. Hey Samridhha I am so glad that you do!