Friday, 23 February 2018

Revisiting Childhood with Sacked! By Deepa Agarwal

A Ride Back to Childhood...

"Didi, would you read me a story?" asked my little neighbour during her visit to my place. I thanked God that I had Sacked! to read to her, otherwise, a 6 year old would probably not like dense reads. And while she lay on my lap and I read the story of an old woman out loud, translating every paragraph gradually, a realisation dawned upon me.When you have just entered adulthood, nothing can be more soothing to read than Folktales. When you have a kid, once again, Folktales are the best choice to read out to them. In Sacked, you find 15 amazing tales - a few familiar, a few absolutely unknown to you till date but all close to your heart. 

I read one story each day to myself everyday and throughout I smiled, for it brought me back the days of my childhood when I sat on grandpa's lap and heard tales of parrots who spoke and generous kings who blessed their subjects.

Deepa Agarwal's writing style is absolutely perfect for gentle reading and her writing is brought out to life by the amazing illustrations that adorn the pages. Funny and intriguing at the same time, Sacked is the book one absolutely needs to have on Shelf for the occasional visits of kids and adults. Also, a reading session of Sacked would be organised for children who can't hear and that's a great initiative!

No wonder, HarperCollins Children's books are my Favourite!


  1. Thanks so much! Really happy to hear you and your little neighbour both enjoyed Sacked!

  2. I love kids stories H