Thursday, 15 February 2018

Equations of a Being by Ashutosh Gupta : The Must Read for Authors, Poets and Writers

Ashutosh Gupta's Equations of a Being was my favourite read of February for quite a few reasons which I shall go on to explain. While making the purchase, I had no idea that the book neither offers a novel nor poetry. What it has to offer to the reader is 160 pages of snippets. You know, all those realisations you come across every once in a while, but never have the time or talent to pen down as beautifully as Gupta does.

The book is divided into 3 parts and 16 sub parts, each dealing with some major and minor themes. Some of my favourites include his musings on love and his coming to terms and understanding of feminism. Also, the author is almost embarassinhly honest in his snippets and you can decipher a lot about his personal life. I call it a must read because of the amazing thoughts in each and every page that will surely provide ideas to consider and improvise on.

You must wonder that why did I take almost 2 weeks to finish a book of "snippets". Well, that's because each line of the book makes you think and ponder for a while and such a book can't be a light or fast-paced read. Also, he employs beautiful rhetoric and vocabulary to enrich the reader. I feel these are the kinds of books we should read. A book should not only entertainment, but also give nutritious material for the grey cells. Probably that's why I give my very first 4.5*/5* of the year to this amazing book which you can grab here.

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