Monday, 22 January 2018

Stories From Saratchandra : Book Review

As a Bengali, I have grown up reading Saratchandra. So has my mother, and her mother. Therefore, Stories from Saratchandra was love at first sight. From the elegant cover that dazzles your eye to the sleek spine that boasts of entrapped legacy of families in Bengal that were long forgotten, everything about the book was close to my heart even before I had got it in my hands.

Obviously I was skeptical about my experience with translations of my favourite stories in my favourite language but I ended up loving Anindita Mukhopadhyay's style which did justice to Saratchandra's stories. I read the stories and I re-read them. My mother read them out loud as well, despite not being very fluent in English ( Obviously she kept on asking me several meanings).

The first six stories are that of the innocence of the childhood, including one of my all time favourites - Laalu. The second half focuses of the mature realisations of adulthood that mar innocence, but nevertheless form an important part of one's life. Also, footnotes have been added which will definitely assist non-bengali readers to delve into our culture.

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I rate the book 4 🌟 , and definitely prescribe it for everyone! Grab a copy On Amazon!

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