Friday, 12 January 2018

Djinn City by Saad Hossain : Book Reviews

The world of Djinns had allured me since my childhood. However, the innocent Genie of Aladdin is no where to be seen in this moderately dark Fantasy by Saad Hossain - Djinn City.

Commenting on the cover, the cover could have been way better because the book is absolutely delightful and for me the cover did not resonate with it! The plot outlines a series of adventures of Indelbed, a half-bred whom the Djinns have kidnapped. In this 460 pages thrilling novel, the Djinns are no more residents of a lamp. They have made their own Empire and are ruling it in full splendour. The sidekicks - his aunt Juny and cousin Raid are however very flat characters and the author could have put some effort into more of their character development- hopefully he will in the sequel to this novel. Yes. The novel ends on a cliffhanger!

I love how the author has expressed dark scenes subtly, this will probably be beneficial for younger readers. The novel is set in Bangladesh and can also be looked upon as a satire on the present political system. The novel is unpredictable and do not go into it with expectations for the predictable plot lines. Trust me, you'll be thrilled at how beautifully the author has made the plot flow from one place to another without making it too much to digest.

I rate the book 3.5 stars and recommend it for lovers of Djinn Tales and Fantasy novels. I am eagerly waiting for the next installment of Saad Hossain in the Djinn City series.

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