Thursday, 4 January 2018

Demons In My Mind by Aashish Gupta : Book Review

The human mind is an element beyond everyone's comprehension and in Gupta's book we peep deeply into the minds of three monks who have a past that deeply disturbs a weak minded reader.

Avoiding spoilers, I would like to comment on the flow of the novel which is beautiful. It begins with a focus on Dakshesh, an old man on his death bed, and after a brief introduction moves to those of the three monks and in the end, returns to Dakshesh.

The writing style is pretty good, however it could be polished a bit more. But it doesn't fall short very explicitly, which saves it from making it a drag to read. The character sketches have been made very carefully and as you flip through you realise that the author has spent considerable time fitting the pieces of the puzzles perfectly. The characters are rounded, that is to say that none of them are flat characters. Character development is an essential element in all psychotic thrillers and I am pleased with the efforts put into them. Also, there is an underlying allegorical attempt by the author as the three monks converge from different religions.

However to say that the novel was flawless will be incorrect, and even more so as I am a digger for psychotic thrillers. I have feasted on Gillian Flynn and Paula Hawkins and this book failed to provide any moments that mess with the READER'S MIND. That was a big turn off for me, as when I pick up psychotic thrillers I want my mind to be driven insane.

However, all in all, it has been a great novel as a debut from the author and there remains a lot of space for improvisation.

I Rate the book 3.5*/5*.

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