Saturday, 30 December 2017

Humans break your heart. And so do books like "If I had to Tell it Again". It is very hard to review, judge and pass my opinions on someone's memoir. Isn't it the story of the author's life? How should I judge it? I have no answer. This memoir brings to you the tale of Gayathri Prabhu's strained relationship with her depressed father. I could only imagine how the author managed to pen down a few of her most painful memories so efficiently that it almost arouses empathy from the reader.

The memoir begins right at the death of her father at the age of sixty-six, owing to cirrhosis. And then we get flashbacks, their childhood, past experiences, some happy, some intensely personal and gory. The book is sure to move you to tears at points, and I assure that it would be a depressing read that you would not be able to forget for a long time.

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Life often throws the toughest challenges at us and it is acceptance that conquers all. Prabhu's Memoir gave this beautiful message to me that I will carry with me forever. The minimal cover design beautiful complements what is contained between the pages and the product makes a wholesome read all in all.

I could stand and clap for Prabhu for creating this flawless master piece I adored, and I look forward to read much more from her. Why don't you grab a copy here?

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