Thursday, 28 December 2017

A Time of Madness by Salman Rashid

I enjoy reading about partition tales a great deal, which is why I picked up "A Time of Madness" by Rashid. It is his own memoir, where he recounts his visit to his ancestral place and his discoveries about their past. 

During the partition several families were removed from their roots and so was this family. It is not a tale of the author's ancestors, it's a tale of OUR ancestors. I am practically in a dilemma whether Rashid himself hasn't been in the times, for his skills of portrayal surpass the ability one can acquire only by hearing. 

Also, the cover design is an absolutely beautiful representation of what the book contains. The grey images show how the days of partitions had lost all colour and I appreciate the designer's job in this regard.

Rarely do books capture the true essence of the dire times which our land has been in, in our past. Salman Rashid takes you on a ride to revisit the painful era of madness, the partition that divided humanity. I will surely be picking up further works of Rashid. Highly Recommended if you love to read non-fiction and good books. 

I Rate the book 4*/5*.

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