Saturday, 1 July 2017

Psycon by Varun T - Book Review

The desire for success in business is undeniable. Indifferent to right or wrong, Prateek and Yashvardhan are on their way to have the way to success through a web of political conspiracies. However, will they achieve their goal? Will it be short-lived? To know that you have to get a copy of Psycon.

Cover of this novel has been made with way too simplicity that failed to excite me much. Though the darkness has its own meaning in close reference to the novel, the elementa residing on the cover might be spicened up more to grab a reader's attention. Hence, I thoroughly felt the designer has lacked in his job. The title of the novel is very apt. I wondered what Psycon meant, turns out that the reference was to a crazy con man, in my views.

Prateek is a struggling businessman who opts for the not so good way to have his slice of the cake of success. As the novel progressed I felt more sorry for him than infuriated. There was no beating about the bush throughout the course of the story, even though the inclusion of  quite a few characters left me puzzled initially. The length of the novel being short, it never became a drag to read on which I appreciate the most, being a hater for DNF books. The characters are not sketched casually, they are as flesh and bone as you and me and have all the aspects of humans.

Disclaimer : Read this book only if you want to try out Political Thrillers and like to read about politics, otherwise it may feel a bit tiresome.

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