Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Book Review : Murder In A Minute by Shouvik Bhattacharyya

The course of the book "Murder in a Minute" made me come to two conclusions -

1) The reign of crime fiction is not yet dead.
2) The author needs to polish his writing skills a wee bit to reach a sensational fame.

When you pick up a mystery novel all you need is the following :

• A Good Story.
• Mystery Buildup
• An intelligent protagonist
• Clues, duh!

In Shouvik Bhattacharyya's Murder in a Minute not a stone has been left unturned and it has been seasoned with some good writing skills.

The story begins with a gripping tone in itself when Esha gets attacked by a person who is hardly mentioned because the author focussed more on the objects and their impact that led to her death. Hence he had my attention from page 1!

As the story advances it just begins to add up to the element that intrigue the reader. As for my part, I was totally curious about the blue envelope and eagerly waiting for the revelation. The characters of Rishabh and Arya are very well etched as they are the only one's who are not so sure about the murderer and make up their mind to investigate the possibilities. I particularly was more fascinated by Rishabh even though the connection between Arya and Esha was seemingly deeper.

All in all it is a very good read for the lovers of the genre. The book could be polished up a bit for the really minor grammar errors but that hardly matters against such a gripping tale.

Rating : 4/5*

Grab a copy here.

P.S. I got a signed copy so yipeee!

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