Thursday, 22 June 2017

If Wishes Were Horses by Tim Hemlin : Book Review

Neil Marshall must be quite annoyed at the difficulties life had thrown at him. Honestly, I thought it was very realistic yet quite painful for a man to be going through so many problems at the same time. The title gave me a very wrong notion about the theme, but the very moment Neil was introduced I knew he has a mystical aura. The guy had been amidst a tough time of separation from his wife, when suddenly his best friend is murdered. He finds himself on the go to decipher the secrets hidden behind this murder. Although in my opinion initially all he wanted to do was to clear his name of any doubt, since he was one of the primary suspects, eventually he begins to prioritise it and takes it seriously.

A lot of research has gone into the book because the author has intricately detailed every line in the book. Neil's profession as a chef and Jason, his best friend's occupation as a racing horse breeder is well explained and defined. It occurs to me how Jason could have been a stronger character than Neil, if only he had been alive. Sigh.

There were quite a few twists where the book broke the flow and tantalised me, but it never went out of context. I made quite a few guesses about who the killer could be, but sadly it didn't hit the target. All in all, a very thrilling read.

Ratings - 4/5.

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