Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Book Review : Chronux by Sagar Kamath.

Genre : Science fiction

Publisher : BecomeShakespeare.com

Book Length : 462

Price : Rs. 475

Cover : The cover design of this book is more likely the poster of a horror movie than that of a science fiction novel.The title of the book is printed in a 3-dimensional uppercase font at the middle of the front cover.The name of the author found its place at the bottom edge of the front cover.The back cover consists some acclamations from two great philosophers along with the blurb of the creation.In my opinion,the cover appeared too mainstream and could have been better and attractive.As I already mentioned,the cover fosters more of a horror content to the first glance of a reader upon it rather than science fiction.

Title : The title of the creation fully goes in with the content of the book."Chronux",the title has a close relation with the word "Chronic" which means "of long duration" or something that's "perpetual" akin Time itself.Chronux is the story of time,as a silent guardian who is there always, and gets entwined with all the events that takes place in this neverending universe.This limitless entity that knows each and every tale of the ravishing pasts and upcoming future is not in the control of nature,for it is the one that actually controls everything.Time is greater than our desires,imaginations and expectations and affects everything in this universe,but never gets involved.Beyond dimensions,time flows perpetually, while at the same moment it remains stagnant,as every "now" today becomes "then" tomorrow and these series of "now" and "then" moments line up to knit the fabric of time.

My Verdict : An exceptional concept of weaving science fiction with Indian mythology results in such creations.Chronux is a worthy attempt on part of the author as he very well described the story of time in a much interesting​ and liberal way.With an unique and gripping plot, the book draws it's readers quite readily and keeps you into it until you finish. The story shows the full course of development of time from the very beginning of civilisations to the distant future with the context of second world war in the middle and Hitler."Time" has been personified in this piece of work which makes it's readers realise that only "He" or "It" is the one that stays while everything in this universe dissipates or disintegrates gradually.A super interesting novel which I didn't find monotonous at all will keep you engaged and will enrich your leisure with some wilful knowledge about time,under the cloak of this exciting trail called "Chronux". Highly recommended to science fiction lovers!

Ratings : 4/ 5*

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