Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Being Miss Nobody by Tamsin Winter

Book Name : Being Miss Nobody
Author : Tamsin Winter
Publisher : Usborne Young Adult Publications
Pages: 380
Rating : 4.5 stars. 

A story that left me in tears, in the world of Rosalind and made me starve for more, Being Miss Nobody is a moving tale of a girl who is supposedly a wallflower because of her trouble in speaking. She can not speak in front of anyone but her family, owing to which she is inspired by her brother to begin blogging. And thereafter through the eyes of a merely 11 year old, we are shown a very mature perspective towards the pros and cons of social media.
The character sketch of Rosalind and her brother is too efficient, however, the other characters are only two dimensional and not really well etched as these two. Since I was lucky enough to get an uncorrected proof copy from the publisher, my copy isnt exactly the same one as is going to be published in June 2017. The original cover is a delight to the eye because of its appealing tones. The tag line : "A story about speaking from a girl who can't" is a catchy phrase and will surely make you want to grab hold of this copy soon.
Being Miss Nobody arouses an emotional turmoil in you because of its gripping ability towards the reader and if you are as sentimental as I am, this tale will leave you in smiling cries and you would love it. The tale is meant to stay with you for a time longer than you think.

She can be Miss Nobody, but she is definitely not A Nobody. With an ending that was so unexpected and blew my mind, Being Miss Nobody will make a perfect read for you this summer. So what are you waiting for? Go and grab your copy.

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