Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Song Rising by Samantha Shannon : Book Review

Book : The Song Rising
Author : Samantha Shannon
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Pages : 360

The third installment in The Bone Season Series, The Song Rising is one epitome of heartbreaking and thunderous ride. While one year ago The Mime Order left of on a terrible cliffhanger I have been almost dead by, after a year worth of wait I finally read The Song Rising. Without any beating about the bush I would confess how madly I have fallen in love with this crazy and Amazing world built by Shannon. It is my extreme honour that I got a signed copy and I can boast that I have a signed copy!
How cool is that? Now let's get into The Song Rising! The Song Rising picks up where The Mime Order left, with Paige as the Underqueen and responsiblities too huge for her age. She has to protect not only her own people but save the world from the unknown dangers they are about to face. The Song Rising was a downhill in the series at it was way more about pain and losses. Shannon's extremely talented ability to scrape out pain in her words is what makes her such an amazing author of the 21st Century. I felt each and every word in my veins, I lost when Paige lost, I loved when Paige loved and a part of me died when one of my favorite characters in the novel died. 

I am a hardcore Paiden shipper. I cannot, I repeat, I CANNOT wait for Paige and Warden to marry and have little kids together! The romantic scenes in the book may as well drive a knife through me since they are really slow and take huge buildup! I tell you, I need a Warden in my life. His love for Paige gives me goals. He is always there for her and man I can visualise him looking at her with sparkling eyes! Agh, throw Fan fictions of Paige and Warden at me! 

And the character backstories add the icing on the cake. They are good enough to conpletely blow up your mind!
The Villains in the story are well above the heroes occasionally and Jaxon steals the light more than anyone else! I can still not figure out, is he good or bad? Are we gonna have some more crazy revelations? 
All in All, The Song Rising is a superb read and if I don't die in the wait of the 4th book, I will surely love that one too! Below I attach a quick chart for those who have read the previous books a long time ago to give you a quick recap!
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